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FAQ Florida Membership


Frequently Asked Questions

The Funds will be paid in the same currency you paid your membership fee.

Ex. Based on a 500,000 USD home. Commission will be approx. $15,000 USD. $3000 To N2S $12,000 for the referral.

 If you pay $300 USD Membership your brokerage will be paid $12,000USD

If you pay $300 CAD Membership your brokerage will be paid $12,000CAD

As per CRA guidelines, the amount your brokerage receive from our American company will be taxed out 0%. The commission your brokerage will pay will have HST included in their split.

For example: Based on the same example as above & you are on a 90/10 split with your current brokerage.

Your brokerage has two ways to pay you

HST INCLUSIVE: Meaning your pay will be $10,800 including HST

PLUS HST: Your brokerage may decide to pay you HST on top of the $10,800 and remit the HST depending on how their accounting is set up.

Our services to clients is our top priority. We pride ourselves on fully servicing clients and therefore, we all share an interest in satisfying your clients and agents. We have a system in place that enables us to service the entire state of Florida.

  1. Your agent contacts us, providing service details and the client’s contact information.
  2. Our representatives send listings and arrange appointments for your clients.
  3. We will maintain communication with agents and ensure they are well-informed.
  4. Upon finalizing the deal, we await the closing process and distribute the commission once it is received.

Once the deal closes and we receive confirmation the funds will be distributed.

The Rates Vary depending on the bank.

Yes, the Wire fee will be deducted

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